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Grace – Picture Exchange for Non-Verbal People: Review

Bottom line: Developed by a mother of two autistic children, it is a customizable picture exchange communication system that focuses on Non-verbal people. Grace App is a Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) which gives the freedom for independent communication using pictures over voice which focuses on children with autism or speech delay. This App is completely non-verbal and very efficient for users as they learn to communicate with others in the environment they are comfortable with. It not only saves time but is also popular for its simplicity and organizational qualities. Children can carry it around with them and rely on the picture vocabulary for communication.  The app was designed by Lisa Domican for her daughter Grace who had autism which is how the App got its name and was developed by Steve Troughton-Smith. The app is not for people seeking an augmentative communication system which requires verbally speaking the message. This App is totally non-verbal and can be va

MarcoPolo Weather App Review

Bottom Line: An app that offers the players an amazing opportunity to explore the different kinds of weather and learn about its changes in terms of temperature, wind, and sun while interacting with animal characters. MarcoPolo Weather is a great app for kids to explore the weather and its changes with lots of fun learning experiences. Kids can control and change the weather conditions like temperature and wind in a fun and interactive manner. There are four cute and fun characters in this app: Gorbie, who is a hippo and looks more like a goofy monster, Scout, who is a small bear with huge ears, Willow, who is a big-haired pink rabbit, and Nash, who is a ram. Each character has a distinct personality and food preferences. Kids can select these characters along with their clothing from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Once you select the desired character in the main play space, you can control the different weather types and see the character’s reactions. The icon on