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Princess colouring book for kids App Review

Princess colouring book for kids let kids paint pictures of princesses, mermaids, unicorns and other fairy tale creatures. 

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Features of the app include
  • No need for internet connection to start doodling and painting.
  • Kids coloring book contains over 50 coloring pages for girls, some are from famous fairy tales like Cinderella, Little red riding hood, Sleeping beauty, Snow White or even Rumpelstiltskin
  • Create your own color images in the drawing game for children.
  • Princess painting and doodling for girls is designed also for babies.
  • All of the princess coloring pages are for free
  • Discover wonderful world of magic full of mandalas, unicorns, princesses.
What parents didn't like:
  • App is putting big download Ad buttons in the middle and hidden exit tabs
  • Too many ads. When kids are drawing they don't have the patience or start installing and clicking on all the ads
You can download the app using links here