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Сolors for Kids, Toddlers, Babies - Learning Game Review

Colors is one of our fun and simple educational games for kids aged 2-5 years old.The colors games will help your child learn colors name in different languages and build associations with different objects such as fruit, animals and others.

    Features of the app include:
  • Learn colors: red, pink, gray, brown, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange
  • Learn colors in many languages such as English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese and many more.
  • Playing shapes and colors games for kids your baby will enrich vocabulary and broaden outlook
  • Color games for toddlers for free baby color games train fine motor skills, memory, attentiveness, perseverance, curiosity.
What we didn't like
  • Way too basic. Needs to have awards for keeping toddler engager. Right now the app is just focused on toddler but can easily be modified so that 2-4 olds can also play this game.
  • Since the app is free developers use ads to monetize the app. But Why would you have ads on a games for 2-3 year olds.
  • There are some simple spelling mistakes in the app.
  • Ads piss off some users.
What we like
  • The app is free. It gives options to parents to hide ads but that setting is not easily discoverable.
  • The app is available in multiple languages and promotes motor & sensory skills of children.
You can download and install this app using the links below. This app is only available for android phones.