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Good Free App of the Day: the amazing Autism Learning Games: Camp Discovery!

Camp discovery is designed for kids with autism, and presents concepts in a well structured manner consistent with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The structured approach starts with a preference assessment (to guide the rewards for each child!) and then gradually increases the difficulty of the task with successful responses.

This app was great for preschoolers and older students with special needs. It helped in building matching, sorting, and receptive skills.

The teaching methods used in Camp Discovery were designed by experts in the field of autism and are grounded in scientifically proven behavioral principles, including reinforcement and prompting. For correct responses, players receive visual and auditory rewards to keep them motivated and engaged. After incorrect responses, a unique prompting system guides the player to answer correctly. Although Camp Discovery was designed for individuals with autism, all individuals can benefit from its carefully developed teaching methods.

Many features set Camp Discovery apart from other individuals’ learning apps:
  • Every Learning Trial Begins with a Preference Assessment. Rewards for correct responses are personalized for each player based on preferences determined in the assessment. Since each player is unique and preferences will change, the assessment is repeated regularly to keep the game reinforcing;
  • Fun Mini Games. Motivate Learning and serve as both a break from learning and an exciting reward for completing rounds;
  • Progress Reports Track Improvement. Camp Discovery allows you to track your individual’s progress across games and generates graphs to show you how much your individual is learning; and
  • Parents are in Control. Multiple settings can be adjusted to personalize your individual’s learning experience.

The Camp Discovery interface was designed for easy use. The games are voice narrated, and responses require dragging and dropping or touching flashcards.

Unfortunately, the app has been discountinued and is no longer available via App Store.

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