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AlphaTots Review

In AlphaTots, children are presented with a button for each letter of the alphabet and when they press each one, they are brought to a mini-game emphasizing verb that starts with that letter.

The best thing about AlphaTots is its sense of humor. Lily was my official tester for this app and she played it for a LONG time, laughing again at again, especially at the letter Y, which includes a "yank-the-cord" game. She wanted her Mom, Dad and both brothers to see that one.

AlphaTots also features a sing-along for the alphabet song, which is important because I think all preschool apps need to have at least one song.

Features of the app include
  • 26 fun preschool puzzles and mini-games that help kids learn the alphabet!
  • An engaging alphabet sing-a-long song.
  • An interactive alphabet that helps kids recite their ABCs.
  • Upper- and lowercase versions of every letter.

We liked the the hold-to-press functionality, The child must hold their finger down on a letter for a few seconds in order to activate it, which prevents accidentally changing letters in the middle of an activity. The parent can also toggle between capital and lowercase letters.

The mini-games are fun to keep engaged with the app. The has reaped high praise from top news outlets and review sites.

If you would like to purchase AlphaTots please use the links provided below. AlphaTots is $2.99 only.

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