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Up Your Stargazing Game with Kiwaka – iPad App Review

Ever been asked by your kid what a certain constellation or a combination of stars was called? Ever been in a situation where you had to fire open your phone and depend on Google when it came to space-related questions?

Get Kiwaka and you won’t feel embarrassed anymore. Because this playful app by Landka makes stargazing as easy as counting birds on the sky.

Let’s take a deeper look in this quick iPad app review.
Kiwaka – App Premise

Brought to us by the developer of Kiwaka Story, this one here takes you to a place called Kiwaka. This is a real place situated in Africa where your role is to coordinate with animals and fireflies to look out for constellations.

As you move ahead in the story and find more constellations, you will learn a bit more about how they got their names, what is the significance of a specific constellation, and much more. There is supportive information for you to skim through, ultimately making Kiwaka an app about astronomy.

The high-quality animations as well as images – that come out really good on an iPad – add to the excitement with which you and your kids will engage with it.

Even if you are clueless about astronomy, Kiwaka will give you a formal education and perhaps even get you excited in the field. There is no chance that you (and/or your kid) won’t be excited because who does not get excited about space?

What We Love

The colourful presentation apart, what really works in Kiwaka is its immersive story and bright, beautiful animations. The soundtrack, although not very supportive, does have an impact on your playing/engagement quotient.

There is no way you are going to shut it off before you spend hours going through all the lovely textual content, images, and illustrations. We love the way the app describes each constellation and provides a good story associated with it. These are better than the junk we see on social media in the name of kids’ stories. 

iTunes Description

“Fireflies carry the light from the stars” – ancient legend.

Learning can be different. Kiwaka is a game where you will learn about stars and constellations in an entertaining way. Play it in the dark for a more delightful visual experience.

The adventure begins in Kiwaka, a small place in the African jungle (it actually exists!) where the strangest creatures live. They want to discover the night sky and your goal is to catch fireflies to help them - each firefly will light one of the stars in the sky.

As the fireflies bring light to the constellations, they reveal their hidden mysteries and ancient myths.

Do you know the story of Cassiopeia, the vain Queen of Ethiopia? Or the myth of Perseus and how he killed Medusa who turned all who gazed upon her to stone? Have you heard of Orion, the great hunter, and his enemy, the giant Scorpion? … The night sky is full of magical stories and Kiwaka will unveil them for you.

Kiwaka was developed with the collaboration of the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and other leading scientific organizations to display over 120 stunning space images, as well as external links so you can explore the cosmos further. Kiwaka also includes several videos to help you locate important stars and constellations in the sky.

Designed for children and enjoyed by all ages, Kiwaka is a magical learning adventure. Astronomy has never been so engaging!

We really wished we had found Kiwaka years ago because it does have the ability to attract both kids and adults into the mysterious world of space and astronomy. If you are someone who is looking for an educational app with a touch of fun, Kiwaka should be on your buy list. Get it from the App Store today.