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Touchable Earth – iPad App Review

Remember those extra classes in school where teachers used to take everyone to the AV room and show videos? Sometimes they would be interesting videos but most often they were boring, filled with dull narration and substandard images. Compare those with what we have in Touchable Earth and you will see why we call it one of the most important kids’ apps on the Apple Store.

Touchable Earth was created as a social studies encyclopedia without the boredom part where text after text gives you information that is hard to digest and retain. Instead, it gives you a platform to learn through informative, fun videos that depict history through the lens of the current times.

It is basically an app where you can get a peek into the lives of other children around the globe. Although still sounding boring, it is much better than opening a history book and reading. What Touchable Earth does – as an app, and not a game – allow you to learn more about different cultures. Which is why it is more targeted at elementary schoolers and older children who have some idea or at least have heard about things like civil unrest and #BlackLivesMatter. 

Game Settings – Touchable Earth Review

While it would be assumed to find information about the West, Touchable Earth instead focuses on the East. It has information about the following six countries:

· Nepal (free)
· India
· Kurdistan
· China
· Romania
· South Africa

As noted, the catalog of Nepal is only what you get when you download the app. To unlock other catalogs, you need to pay either as solo or in bundle (better deal). Although this put us off, we were happy to find a plethora of information about Nepal in the free version itself. But, don’t hope to learn about Europe here!

The basic premise of Touchable Earth is to give you – the user – information about cultures and traditions. Each module (classified by country) has several sections such as Our Culture and Our Family. The intro video involves a kid (possibly from that country) giving us a glimpse about his country, culture, everyday life. This is in a conversational type, making it immediately lively and interesting to watch.

There are subtitles available which are necessary if you are unable to understand some of the accented English that these kids speak. It is not to blame the delivery of these kids but just the difference in accents, which can be problematic for some.

The intro video itself impressed us as it gave a good understanding of what more to expect from the app. It really feels like the children are directly talking to us – that connection is more important.

There is a lot of information to process in the videos that come after the introduction. And if you were rapt in your attention, you can also test your memory by participating in the end quiz. Not the hardest one but still reassuring about your own study time.

Touchable Earth is an app for both teachers (home school-ers) and kids, sort of a like a teaching tool about social studies. Something that gives a bit more than what’s available in books. You can have up to three users using the app simultaneously, which is helpful because each can favorite videos that they like for future reference.

All in all, a very great addition to your existing curriculum. Something that will keep your kids occupied as well as abreast with different cultures of the world. 

Bottom Line

Helping you get away from the flurry of fancy kids’ apps that only help your kids waste their precious time, Touchable Earth acts as a fun social studies app that will give your kids an urgent yet fun look at the social landscape of the world. This is a great tool especially in the current times of social unrest in the United States.

Get Touchable Earth on the App Store today.