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Puffer Train Yard – iPad Game Review

Today we bring you a quick review of a fun-filled train building game by Shelly Data Doodles which is known for its Puffer game series. Called Puffer Train Yard, it is a train matching and moving game that will give a great respite to kids during this lockdown. 

Game Premise – Puffer Train Yard

You play as a railroad manager in Puffer Train Yard where you have to manage locomotives and the cars that are attached to them. The goal of the game is to match cars behind a locomotive and move them to win points. If you can match three matching cars consecutively, you earn points.

You have to tap on the screen to attach cars to the locomotive, as well as to move the train ahead. Instructions are provided as you begin playing.

While the premise of the game is fairly simple, it does add bonus tasks and extra actions for you to work on. For example, if you manage to attach five matching cars (the maximum), you earn bonus points as well as a new blue engine. Attach cars to this engine and let it move and you earn more points.

More than the building, it is earning the points that makes Puffer Train Yard a fun and addictive game. The ability to control locomotives further adds to the fun quotient.

Lastly, you also get two sticks of dynamite as a way to clear trains of cars from the track. This is when the locomotives get stuck on a track or if you are not satisfied with the formation. You can also buy more dynamites as in-app purchases which you may need if you are totally into the game. Which you will be in the first few plays. 

Bottom Line

A shift from educational apps that have been crowding the App Store, Puffer Train Yard comes as an exciting alternative for your kids to play. Creating matching train cars and collecting reward points/awards are something that is bound to keep them occupied for days and weeks.

Puffer Train Yard is available to download for FREE on the Apple App Store. Get it here.