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Mindfulness for Children could be a useful calming tool for kids or adults

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Mindfulness for Children  introduces children to the benefits of meditation and guides them through several different type of meditation. Equipped with a soothing voice narrating and relaxing sounds, Mindfulness for Children teaches kids to relax independently.

You can purchase Mindfulness for Children from App Store for $5.99. For android the developers offer a free version along with in-app purchases.

Mindfulness for Children teaches children about mindfulness meditation through several step-by-step meditation scenarios. The app is designed to help children focus on different aspects of their bodies and their situations to help use their surroundings to relax. These meditations range from 4 minutes to 24 minutes. Each meditation is guided by a narrator and the meditation scenarios also include sound effects for greater effectiveness.

The app includes seven different meditations.  Different meditations include:

Inner Place – This meditation encourages children to focus on one thing and effectively block out other sensations.
Connecting – Helps teach kids about how things our connected in their body from their breathing to their bodily sensations to their feelings. As the connection is made we find how we can begin to control our own bodies.
Finding Peace – A breathing and visualization exercise to promote peace and calming. (This one was our favorite.)
Body Scan – Designed to help kids 8 and older become more aware of their own bodily sensations and thoughts. Helpful with kids who are having difficulty with all of the many changes going on in their bodies.
Good Night – There are four different night time meditations, each designed to help children relax their minds and bodies and prepare for sleep. Each version has different soothing sounds from nature and helps foster a more stress-free environment at bedtime.

What We liked:
  • Meditation for children is an innovative concept. I never thought of introducing my kids to meditation. I do not have much experience with meditation myself, and I found that I was able to benefit from these exercises along with my children.
  • The narrator’s voice and the sound effects really are soothing.
What We didn't like:
  • In android version only few exercises are free. The users found it difficult to upgrade to the paid version based on the limited experience they had with the app.
  • The app had grammatical errors and some misused words. This sometimes happens when translations are made from other languages.
  • Some users reported the anti virus software installed on their devices flagged the app as malware
  • Stability issues: The app crashed too often for certain users.
Overall, the presentation and appearance of this app is basic.  You can download the app using the links below