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What Color is Bear's Underwear? – iPad App Review

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E-education is experiencing a spurt. There are so many educational apps out there that it’s getting a bit suffocative for parents like us who are unable to find what is best for our kids. Fortunately, CJ Educations has collaborated with Blue Apple Books to digitize a popular book and turn it into an interactive app.

Originally written by Todd H. Doodler, What Color is Bear’s Underwear is an eBook app that aspires to teach toddlers and preschoolers how to identify colors. For starters, it does its job splendidly well.
Premise of the App

The agenda of the game-cum-app is to help a bear dress up. As a player, we are supposed to help him with different colored underwear which he tries out every day.

The app introduces different elements like colors, color words, and days of the week as we move forward. It’s fun to find the right underwear (of a specific color) and give it to the bear who is a coy little creature. The animations of this bear as well as the colorful aesthetics of the app are bound to impress your kids. Heck, even we were smitten by the app as we grew more interested in its premise.

The app is to be played across different settings with the end goal being dressing up the bear. The underwear can be found anywhere – in the cupboard or inside a drawer. So, your task is to slide and open all elements and help the bear find his undie. And while you are searching for it, the bear uses his googly eyes to look around, eats cereal, or simply plays inside the room.

There are two modes: Read to Me and Autoplay. The first one will require more work from the player. But in both the modes, there is a child-voiced narrative and a catchy soundtrack, that further improve the experience. 

Attractions of the eBook App

Out of the many attractions of the app, the following took most of our attention:

  • Day-wise color of underwear
  • Tapping and scrolling to find the underwear
  • Exploring the screen – different settings each day – to find the underwear
  • Beautiful animations and appropriate score

Apart from these conspicuous features, What Color is Bear’s Underwear also has intrinsic usefulness. Whether it is clear visuals and distinct lettering, all screens in the app will help your kids make sense of the reading. After all, the goal is to teach the players everything associated with colors.

Monday is when you will be introduced all the 7 colors in the app. But there are a lot more readings and fun activities that you can participate in to prolong the experience.

There are additional features such as coloring activity and ample settings to customize the gameplay. Does your kid not enjoy the narration? You can switch it off, and make many more changes in the settings by simply pulling from the screen top-down. And if you are bored after days of playing, you can check out Bear’s music video that has been produced like it’s eligible for a video music award. A great addition, giving us the impression that the developers haven’t left a single stone unturned.

The two major drawbacks with the app are its presence of social media and other external site links as well as an erroneous Help section that is written in Korean. This may not be a big deal for most users, but as reviewers, we think it better to point out. For a kid’s app, we feel such mistakes should be avoided.
Bottom Line

At first look, adults may think that What Color is Bear’s Underwear is a silly app, but wait till you see how quickly it captures your tot’s attention. It’s a silly app but extremely effective in what it proposes to teach: identifying colors.

Get it from the Apple App Store today.

Update: This app is no longer available on the App Store.