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Letter Reflex – iPad App Review

Today we're starting a giveaway for very popular app...Letter Reflex! Here is review of the Letter Reflex app.

Finding it difficult to teach your kids letters? Or are you are looking to address letter-reversal issues in your kids? Both can be taken care of by Letter Reflex, the latest iPad app by the developers of Dexteria. 

Letter Reflex – Premise 

Letter Reflex offers two modes: Tilt It and Flip It. 

Tilt It

As the name suggests, Tilt It requires you to tilt the phone in different positions to complete the formation of certain letters. The goal is to tilt the phone to create p, q, b, and d. Audio instructions as well as visual prompts are provided for this fairly simple starter.

The reason why only these four letters are used is explained by the developer in the App Store: According to research, a key reason for letter reversals is not knowing left from right, and as a result, kids get confused when trying to discriminate between a “b” and a “d” or a “p” and a “q”. They’re not quite sure which side the letter loop should go on.”

This is known as kinesthetic learning or tactile learning where kids are made to learn by doing instead of reading. Don’t you agree that practical studying is better than theory? That is exactly what Letter Reflex does.

In the four letters p, q, b, and d, tactile learning enforces the difference in the position of the loop. For example, p and b require you to loop on the right-hand side whereas q and d on the other side. The app teaches this distinction to the kids, which is more effective than rote learning and imposition writing. 

Flip It

A bit like Tetris, here the goal is to align words and letters on the screen to the correct combinations. Screen prompts help you to do this in the first few tasks but then the game does get difficult with hard-to-spell words. Compared to Tilt It, this one tries to teach the power of visual language.

We think Flip It will require some parental guidance compared to Tilt It. But once you kid gets the idea and flow, it will be easier to play. It may also get addictive, so caution is suggested. 

App Features

The app itself is very well developed. The little settings it has works great and even allows to send reports. Once a task is completed in either mode (they are randomized), there is a report window that shows how much time it took and how accurate the answers were. This report can be a good way to assess the progress by parents and teachers.

At its core, Letter Reflex addresses developmental issues in kids. As parents ourselves, we like to classify this app as more of a niche offering. It is for the same reason why we believe it is a must-have as technological assistance for anyone looking to improve their kids’ letter study.

However, apart from its use for addressing letter reversal problems, the app can also be used for the following purposes:

Developmental learning of writing letters on a notebook or typing them on a Word processor. Letter Reflex teaches to write from left to right – the concept gets reinforced in children

  • Kids with issues in motor skills
  • Kids with dyslexia or autism
  • Kids who require practical study to understand concepts

Bottom Line

Overall, Letter Reflex a great little app that completely justifies its small price. As advocates of such great kids’ apps, we only think that Letter Reflex is priced modestly. So, don’t think too much about the price and get the app today.