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Kiwaka Story – iPad Book App Review

Ever looked for an app that could instantly attract your kid who has just started to learn about animals and stars? Kiwaka Story is your new companion. 

In this book app for iPad, four animals are on a quest to know more about the stars and their meaning. The animals are: 
  • Kudi the elephant
  • Tuka the bird
  • Kwilu the crocodile 
  • Shaka the snake
Together they go around the animal kingdom (Kiwaka in Africa) seeking answers to the meaning of stars. Helping them in this quest are butterflies and fireflies. The latter try to explain to them the secret of their ability to carry light just like the stars. Many more explanations about constellations and space lights take place as you move ahead in the app.
App Features

Created by Landka, the app has some beautiful illustrations, picturized on musical composition by Emmy-nominated music composer David Leon. The narration by actor Diogo Morgado further adds to its attraction quality as your kids will start listening to it and get engrossed completely. Here’s an excerpt from the narration (via iTunes):

Do you know that, according to an old legend, fireflies carry the light from the stars? 

Our story begins in Kiwaka, a small place tucked away in the depths of the African jungle. There lived four of the strangest creatures ever. 

In this interactive book, you will follow our friends in their quest to light the stars in the sky and unveil the ancient mysteries of the constellations. 

The book app transports you to the warm and delightful nights of Kiwaka, where the four friends happily discover the night sky. Meet them in this magical learning adventure! 

But what really works is the feature of interactive touch where you can play around with different elements while reading the book. The constellations and other star formations are clearly laid out so that your kids can easily make sense of them. And if it gets difficult, the reference guide at the end can be helpful.

A simple story accentuated by effervescent attractions is the major highlight of Kiwaka Story which has everything in the right place to make it a perfect kids’ book app. The narration is available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, or Japanese. Which further makes it universal.

Another great feature of this kids’ app is that it does not support any ads or in-app purchases. What’s more? There are no social media links either, so it is completely safe for your kids to be left alone with Kiwaka Story. 

Bottom Line
The highlight of this simple yet beautiful book app is that it brings two things together: animal kingdom and star gazing. Two things that kids love and are attracted to. If you are a parent, you need to get this today. Download Kiwaka Story from the Apple App Store today.