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Imagination Playground 3D Builder - New Top Pick for this wonderfully creative app!

If your child loves to build from block sets and create scenarios with it, you should see what Imagination Playground can do for him or her. You will be surprised at the extent of your child’s imagination, using Imagination Playground’s block set. Their block set ranges from small for tabletop play to large for playground use. It not only encourages creative play, it also develops problem-solving skills. The 3D Builder set is also available for Android.

With a variety of loose pieces that kids fit together to form and create new playground realms, it supports kids’ inclination to explore and become architects of their own world. Classrooms and playgrounds could change, grow, and transform, depending on kids’ imagination. It is all about creative and expansive play. The 3D Builder offers the same features in a digital format. Kids will enjoy virtual blue block sets they can build from and turn into worlds they can imagine. In a classroom setting, kids will get a glimpse on how mathematical figures or geometry work in real life. They would enjoy so much play and learn combination.

The 3D Builder has fourteen different components and presents a blank playing field that kids can create anything with and call their own. They can arrange tracks and structures according to the desire of their hearts. The Gravity button takes this creative tool to a whole new level. If an object is arranged in a way that is unbalanced, it will topple over, as in real life. A ball on the track will roll along its length, again, just like in real life! It teaches kids this scientific principle in a creatively explicit way.

What We Liked Most:

The Gravity button sets the 3D builder block set apart. Next to playing with the actual block set, it is a treat to a kid’s imagination and an appealing way to teach them science. The play scenarios are pretty much endless and offers a whole bunch of options, limited only by one’s imagination. It has a minimalist flair or vibe that I adore, making it simple and unique in its own way.

What We Liked Least:

The building functions I found a tad awkward or unwieldy compared to other building apps I have used before. It took some time to learn the hang of things, but eventually it was fun learning, ‘though my children never complained about any of this, it might be a case of learning curve differences. Those who expect bells and whistles in an app will be a bit disappointed. Anyhow, its beauty is in its simplicity.

Overall, this app is an asset to anyone’s app library, particularly to those who have creative inclinations. I highly recommend you download this free app.

You can download the app from App Store using the this link