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Back in Time – iPad App Review

There’s a dearth of informative apps in the App Store. Or there used to be, because now we have stumbled upon Back in Time by Landka Apps, a fun-filled multimedia information app that is perfect for both kids and adults to spend time on during these trying times.

It is basically an app version of an abridged encyclopedia. You know, the type that clicks with the new generation.

Here’s a quick review of the app. 

Back in Time – App Premise

The basic concept of Back in Time is simple: providing information about everything i.e. everything in life. This can be anything from space to nature to animals.

The upshot of Back in Time – which is also its biggest highlight – is that all the information it narrates never gets overwhelming. It follows a 24-hour cycle and fits all the information, trivia, and videos into that cycle. Do note that billions of years of history are stuffed into these cycles so that readers can understand better. So that you can both understand and retain what you just read/studied.

The first day starts with the Big Bang and each cycle takes you one step into the present world. More than anything it is the evolution – along with landmark events – that make you engrossed in the story and its play. And if a piece of information has taken your fancy you can explore further via videos and snippets of textual information. 

Look and Feel of Back in Times

Back in Time is stunning to look at, which means that it has been produced well without enough high-quality images and animations. One look into the app and your kids are going to be hooked – no doubt about that.

This basic premise makes Back in Times a fun app to play with your kids. It has a collection of amazing videos, lively soundtrack (composed by Rodrigo Leão), and snippets of trivia that are bound to keep your school-er occupied for the rest of the lockdown.

The attractive quality of Back in Time is that it allows you to learn about anything and everything about life. Have a penchant for all things space? This app is going to introduce you to stars, constellations, and galaxies far, far away (yes, we are Star Wars fans as well!). Some of its most popular content themes are space, nature, and insects.

The name Back in Time denotes to the way the app narrates a story. It literally takes you back in time on a particular subject and allows you to freely skip if needed. The 24-hour context, as we noted, is important because that is why it aids in retention.

And if you are still not hooked, here’s a description directly from iTunes: 

Back in Time will take you on a stunning exploration of the history of our Universe, Earth, Life and Civilization. A journey through time where each event is documented with social and historical context, several images, an illustrative timeline and little-known interesting facts. Custom made animations bring those events to life, creating an interesting, immersive learning experience.

An imaginary clock will guide you through this quest, proposing a simple analogy: the entire Universe started 24 hours ago. The Big Bang, the source of time and space, is the first event in our journey – the clock reads 0:00 hours. Today, 13.7 billion years later, the clock reads midnight. In between is a sequence of key events that has brought us to where we are today. Explore them, place them in perspective, see how they relate and understand the connections.

We invite you to take a step back and see the whole picture.

Pros and Cons of Back in Time


· Contains 300+ images, 60+ animations and videos, and 40+ illustrations

· Contains 200 interesting facts

· Available in seven languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese

· Does not require an active internet connection to run

· Does not contain any ads or in-app purchases 


· Does not have external links for in-depth information (e.g. Wikipedia or any other online resource)

· Has external links to the developer website and social media profiles

Back in Time is a great way to spend quality time with your little ones while also imparting critical information about the world we live in. Download it today from the App Store.

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