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LetterSchool – A Fun and Effective Handwriting App for Children

LetterSchool is one of the most popular and highly effective handwriting apps currently in the market, specially designed for pre-school age children. This innovative app was developed by Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V, and features three progressing levels – tap, trace and write – to learn every letter. It has incorporated attractive colors, sounds, phonics, and counting in order to turn using this app into a game-like experience, making it more appealing to children. Even though the app has been fully created with children in mind, it is recommended that the parents review the settings depending on the preferences and proficiency level of their child prior to using it for the best results. The app offers 3 profiles with different styles of writing. - Handwriting Without Tears - D’Nealian - Zaner-Bloser Each of these typesets can be changed if needed even halfway of completing it and it is designed to save the progress up to 3 different children if more than one

Imagination Playground 3D Builder - New Top Pick for this wonderfully creative app!

If your child loves to build from block sets and create scenarios with it, you should see what Imagination Playground can do for him or her. You will be surprised at the extent of your child’s imagination, using Imagination Playground’s block set. Their block set ranges from small for tabletop play to large for playground use. It not only encourages creative play, it also develops problem-solving skills. The 3D Builder set is also available for Android . With a variety of loose pieces that kids fit together to form and create new playground realms, it supports kids’ inclination to explore and become architects of their own world. Classrooms and playgrounds could change, grow, and transform, depending on kids’ imagination. It is all about creative and expansive play. The 3D Builder offers the same features in a digital format. Kids will enjoy virtual blue block sets they can build from and turn into worlds they can imagine. In a classroom setting, kids will get a glimpse on how math

Letter Reflex – iPad App Review

Today we're starting a giveaway for very popular app...Letter Reflex! Here is review of the Letter Reflex app. Finding it difficult to teach your kids letters? Or are you are looking to address letter-reversal issues in your kids? Both can be taken care of by Letter Reflex, the latest iPad app by the developers of Dexteria.  Letter Reflex – Premise  Letter Reflex offers two modes: Tilt It and Flip It.  Tilt It As the name suggests, Tilt It requires you to tilt the phone in different positions to complete the formation of certain letters. The goal is to tilt the phone to create p, q, b, and d. Audio instructions as well as visual prompts are provided for this fairly simple starter. The reason why only these four letters are used is explained by the developer in the App Store: According to research, a key reason for letter reversals is not knowing left from right, and as a result, kids get confused when trying to discriminate between a “b” and a “d” or a “p” and a “q”. They’re not qu

Kiwaka Story – iPad Book App Review

Ever looked for an app that could instantly attract your kid who has just started to learn about animals and stars? Kiwaka Story is your new companion.  In this book app for iPad, four animals are on a quest to know more about the stars and their meaning. The animals are:  Kudi the elephant Tuka the bird Kwilu the crocodile  Shaka the snake Together they go around the animal kingdom (Kiwaka in Africa) seeking answers to the meaning of stars. Helping them in this quest are butterflies and fireflies. The latter try to explain to them the secret of their ability to carry light just like the stars. Many more explanations about constellations and space lights take place as you move ahead in the app. App Features Created by Landka, the app has some beautiful illustrations, picturized on musical composition by Emmy-nominated music composer David Leon. The narration by actor Diogo Morgado further adds to its attraction quality as your kids will start listening to it and get engrossed completel

Back in Time – iPad App Review

There’s a dearth of informative apps in the App Store. Or there used to be, because now we have stumbled upon Back in Time by Landka Apps, a fun-filled multimedia information app that is perfect for both kids and adults to spend time on during these trying times. It is basically an app version of an abridged encyclopedia. You know, the type that clicks with the new generation. Here’s a quick review of the app.  Back in Time – App Premise The basic concept of Back in Time is simple: providing information about everything i.e. everything in life. This can be anything from space to nature to animals. The upshot of Back in Time – which is also its biggest highlight – is that all the information it narrates never gets overwhelming. It follows a 24-hour cycle and fits all the information, trivia, and videos into that cycle. Do note that billions of years of history are stuffed into these cycles so that readers can understand better. So that you can both understand and retain what you just re

What Color is Bear's Underwear? – iPad App Review

E-education is experiencing a spurt. There are so many educational apps out there that it’s getting a bit suffocative for parents like us who are unable to find what is best for our kids. Fortunately, CJ Educations has collaborated with Blue Apple Books to digitize a popular book and turn it into an interactive app. Originally written by Todd H. Doodler, What Color is Bear’s Underwear is an eBook app that aspires to teach toddlers and preschoolers how to identify colors. For starters, it does its job splendidly well. Premise of the App The agenda of the game-cum-app is to help a bear dress up. As a player, we are supposed to help him with different colored underwear which he tries out every day. The app introduces different elements like colors, color words, and days of the week as we move forward. It’s fun to find the right underwear (of a specific color) and give it to the bear who is a coy little creature. The animations of this bear as well as the colorful aesthetics of the app are