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Free App Friday! September 16! Get them while they're availble!

Get these apps while they are available on App Store! Dr. Panda Sticker Pack Happy? Sad? Falling on the floor with laughter?? Brighten your chats and express yourself with these cute animated Dr. Panda stickers!! (Please note that this does require iOS 10.0 or later to run.) Free Shrek & Friends Have a great day with all your favorite characters from DreamWorks Animation! Play with Shrek, Po, Toothless, Skipper, Alex the Lion, and many more and have fun brushing their teeth, feeding them and packing their bags.. Free (was $3.99) A Parcel of Courage “A Parcel of Courage” book app based on a true story of how a family of three brothers came together to help their grandmother overcome her fear of flying so that she could come out to visit them. There are 7 tasks to complete within the story to unlock something that will help you make your wishes come true! Free (from $2.99) Astro Nora Astro Nora has crash landed on a distant planet! Help her build her r