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Comics Head iPad App Review – Creation Tool for Kids

Are your kids fans of Marvel comics? Or are they DC loyalist? Either way, if they are into comics and use the iPad to read comics and you are not okay with them always reading for entertainment, here’s a creation tool.

Introducing Comics Head, an easy-to-use comic strip builder that can also be used to create graphic novels and engaging comic arts. But why would you want to do that?

Simple: kids can be really creative in their childhood and having a system in place that makes it easy to create is just the right tool they need. Enter Comics Head. 

Comics Head – What is It?

Comics Head as an app lets you create stuff. It could be a retelling of your favorite Marvel comic or a new creation altogether. The app gives you a blank canvas to start with, but you can also choose pre-set templates to work on.

We recommend using a template at first because starting from scratch and picking and choosing item-by-item can get tedious. It actually is because there are hundreds and thousands of objects to pick from. Moreover, Comics Head allows you to choose backgrounds for your comic strip that can help you influence the setting. Is your kid’s story about animals? Take the jungle theme and start writing.

As for the comic building itself, you can choose characters, dialog boxes (also known as word bubbles), and a variety of objects like trees and home appliances. And if these objects are not enough, you can even tweak the pose in which a character stands/sits as per your setting. How cool is that?

Is your kid’s main character a superheroine? Then choose a character that has the maximum different poses.

We especially love the word bubbles system which is actually where all the activity happens. The comic strip box setting can be anything, but what really gives it life is the dialogues. And that’s where you can see your kids really outsmart themselves. There is also the option to add audio if you are into recording different sounds. Beatboxing, anyone?

Easy Sharing

Another highlight of Comics Head is the export function. Not only can you export in all ways possible, there is also the option to share directly on social media. We, however, recommend using the Google Drive method where you can simply upload and share the link with your friends over iMessage or WhatsApp.

There is also an option to print via Air Print, but let’s not go about wasting paper unless absolutely needed. Instead, why not create a video or an image or a PDF and send it to your friends and extended family. These little creations can always act as your workstation wallpaper. And if you have a work desk, maybe the print option will really come in handy. 

Editing Options

More than the presets, there is also the option to add your own images from your iPad or the internet. The possibilities are endless when you let your imagination fly. The developer also promises more objects but they need to be bought which are not really essential since there are hundreds to choose from the existing system itself.

You can add layers to your story or simply swap and play with your comic strip boxes. As we mentioned, the creative potential with Comics Head is boundless, and your kids are going to have a field time playing with it. 


However, for all its highlights and positive points, Comics Head does have its share of demerits:

· Parental control requires you to submit your email ID and register an account. We know from our readers that that is not an ideal case as many are not willing to share their email IDs

· Some issues with text input while writing dialogues (seem to be a glitch in the version that we tested)

· Although there are different poses for different characters, we still thought there could be a diverse set. For example, if a character can pose in three different positions while standing, there is no option to make her sit or lean on a tree. As players who were really into the creating, this bothered us a little.

Bottom Line

If a white blank page on a notebook or a document gives your kid the scares, then Comics Head will be a great tool for improved writing exercises. Don’t see it as a play tool and use it for your kids’ learning curve and you will see how the small price is a big investment.

Comics Head makes it easy to let the creative juices flow in your kids, especially if they are stuck at home due to a pandemic. It is perhaps the best comic creating tool we have ever reviewed. Get it here.

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