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Comics Head iPad App Review – Creation Tool for Kids

Are your kids fans of Marvel comics? Or are they DC loyalist? Either way, if they are into comics and use the iPad to read comics and you are not okay with them always reading for entertainment, here’s a creation tool. Introducing Comics Head, an easy-to-use comic strip builder that can also be used to create graphic novels and engaging comic arts. But why would you want to do that? Simple: kids can be really creative in their childhood and having a system in place that makes it easy to create is just the right tool they need. Enter Comics Head.  Comics Head – What is It? Comics Head as an app lets you create stuff. It could be a retelling of your favorite Marvel comic or a new creation altogether. The app gives you a blank canvas to start with, but you can also choose pre-set templates to work on. We recommend using a template at first because starting from scratch and picking and choosing item-by-item can get tedious. It actually is because there are hundreds and thousands of objects