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Photosmith App- You photography workflow for mobile [Grand Tour]

Thousands of professional and enthusiast photographers rely on Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom™ to keep their photos organized.  Photosmith bridged the gap between the power of Lightroom and the portability of the iPad. Photosmith app emerged as the mobile companion for Adobe Lightroom. Photosmith was the first iOS application to enable a mobile RAW workflow for photographers using Adobe Lightroom.

A detailed preview of features of the Photosmith App:

Import in the field
With a Camera Connector Kit or an Eye-Fi card you can load photos from your camera onto the iPad, and import them right in Photosmith.

Organize on the road
Sort, rate, and tag your photos on the plane or while the model’s getting her hair touched up. Stars, labels, keywords and copyright info – one at a time or a thousand at once.

Sync with Lightroom
Wirelessly beam photos from your iPad into your Lightroom library, including RAW files – or sync your backlog to your iPad, to sort through them on the couch.

  Lightroom plug-in: stay in sync
With the Photosmith free Plug-in for Adobe Lightroom, Photosmith can sync to and from your Lightroom library. When your iPad and your computer are on the same wireless network, the plug-in will automatically detect Photosmith on your iPad and configure itself. The most recent versions of Lightroom are fully supported. To get started, you’ll need to download and install the actual plugin. This part is pretty easy- just click the link below, and save the file onto your computer.

Star Power: rate, label and flag
Apply star ratings, color labels and flags to organize your photos. The Tag Bar lets you easily rate your photos one at a time, or a thousand at once.

Smart Groups: made to be touched
An innovative slider that intelligently groups your photos based on your sorting preference and sophisticated analysis of the visible photos.

Other features:
  • With an Eye-fi card, you can beam photos straight to your iPad for instant, on-site review.
  • View every pixel and get a grand tour of all your photos - whether you’re shooting JPEG or RAW. Pixel-peep at full 1:1 magnification to check whether you nailed focus.
  • Wirelessly upload your photos, including RAW files, to Dropbox.
  • Send highlights from your latest shoot to Flickr or Facebook.
  • Supports JPEG and some RAW formats.
  • Supports more than 400 cameras. 

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Project Background: Initially designed and developed by a small team of dedicated professional and semi-professional photographers, Photosmith was first released in 2011 with a simple goal: To bridge the gap between digital asset management software like Adobe Lightroom on desktop/laptop and Apple’s iPad. Photosmith was covered by all top media news outlets. However, the developers faced challenges in keeping the venture profitable.

Developers: Chris Horne, Chris Morse, Mike Wren (Chief User Advocate)

Company: C2 ENTERPRISES, INC or C Squared Enterprises, INC

Current Status: Not in production. Development Officially ended on October 15, 2015.

Versions Released: 3

Distribution: Available via iTunes at price between $18-$20

Photosmith was a useful app. There are many videos on the benefits on photosmith on youtube. An App like Photosmith is no longer required to use Adobe Lightroom on android and iOS devices. You can use Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom™  android and iOS apps available directly on these platforms. You could also try these alternative apps: Snapseed , PicsArt Photo Editor . If you like this blog and post don't forget to like us or leave a comment down below. 


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