PlasticBank Apk

UpdatedNov 29, 2019
App Rating4.5


PlasticBank APK is a free app listed in Business Apps. Download this apk on your android phone to install this app

The Plastic Bank APP empowers you to earn and exchange recycling rewards. All in one free APP, you can operate a professional recycling business as a collector, recycling shop owner, or processor. You can even operate ANY kind of store you want.

Exchange for cash, items, and soon digital recycling reward. Region by region, Plastic Bank is introducing additional incentives on top of the amount you would normally earn from recycling. This APP unites the entire recycling community. The faster your community starts using the APP, the faster you will become eligible for Plastic Bank Rewards.

Your Plastic Bank account comes with a unique ID and digital wallet. Once digital rewards are available in your region the APP will give your recycling community the option to remove the need to handle cash. This is done through your Blockchain secured Plastic Bank digital savings and exchange account.

Key features 
• Digital savings accounts
• Track a history of your exchanges
• Find the nearest recycling shop and see their prices
• Find the nearest store that accepts Plastic Bank Rewards
• Find the nearest location to safely exchange your Plastic Bank Rewards for cash
• Earn and increase your Plastic Bank score & member level to qualify for special rewards and opportunities 
• Start your own store or recycling shop anytime, You can even have staff run your store using their own phones.

Trust & Security through Blockchain
• Blockchain is the most trusted and secure way to Instantly approve and record any exchange of value. The Plastic Bank APP uses the combination Blockchain, Hyperledger, and LinuxOne to provide the ultimate level trust.

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