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UpdatedNov 29, 2019
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TagOnce Pro is about making the world a better and more honest place by stimulating the honesty in mankind. Together with your help we can achieve this special goal. That’s why we are so happy your about to download our App and use our Tags!   

We’re constantly evolving and want to continue rewarding our early adapters for believing in our mission and want to realize this special goal with us! Innovating and creating added value for our community is really important to us! The renewed TagOnce Pro App is built entirely natively and is now even more stable, it is now also possible to leave a personal message for the “honest finder”. Imagine messages like: "Please call me, my medication is in the suitcase" or "Please help me get my grandmother’s precious things back". We firmly believe in the honesty of our fellow man and the more personal your message, the quicker the finder will return your possessions!   

Make sure that your App is always up-to-date so that you always have all the features at your disposal. We wish you lots of fun and comfort with our App & Tags. And if you unexpectedly lose something; with TagOnce you get back the stuff you love!

The TagOnce App

Our App is THE connection between your prized possessions and the honest finder! By making the best use of our App you stimulate honesty in your fellow man and quickly get back your valuable things!


Your contact information only needs entering once and you decide which info you share with the finder of your valuable things. Your Privacy guaranteed!

Order Tag

Are you as enthusiastic as everyone else? Order extra Tags quickly and easily via our order function in the App.

Register Tag

Here you can register your new Tags using the QR code or NFC chip.

New trip

Input your travel schedule quickly and easily. Updating your location so that up-to-date information is always available to the finder.


When your Tag is scanned, you will immediately receive a push notification plus an email. If the finder notifies his location, you can navigate to the location at the touch of a button.

Scan Tag

Here you can easily scan other QR codes and NFC chips.


Read the latest developments and our news facts here.


You can decide yourself which information you share down to the smallest detail. In addition to your personal details, you can also choose to share your travel agenda. You can also rename or reset your Tag here, so that it can be linked to another account.

Send feedback

Do you have any comments or good suggestions? Send us your feedback and make us very happy!


Here you see exactly what the finder sees when he scans your Tag. 


If you’re not fully informed, read our help function for the latest tips and tricks.

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