My Village Apk

UpdatedNov 29, 2019
App Rating3.3


My Village APK is a free app listed in Travel & Local Apps. Download this apk on your android phone to install this app

The “My Village” app gives you a full overview of what happens in your village and the surrounding rural areas.

The “My Village” app consists of four parts:


Under “VILLAGE NEWS” it is possible to get and create news from the village. The stories are created by a local villager and will tell the story about life in My Village. It is fast and easy to create a story. Once created it is possible to share this story on social media.

Under “VILLAGE CALENDAR” you are able to get a full overview of events in My Village. It is possible for local villagers and tourists to see and sign up for any upcoming events. These are written in three languages: danish, german and english. Events are created by villagers and local companies. They are targeting tourists and the locals. You are able to pay and sign up directly from the app. It is possible to share the event on social media and save it in your mobile calendar.

Under “VILLAGE MAP” it is possible for tourists and locals to get a full overview over the different villages and their local spots, attractions, shops and businesses in general. In the map, there are categories represented by colored pins. It is fast and easy to sort the categories to help you find the local spots that you are seeking.

Under “VILLAGE LIFT” you can offer or request a ride with a villager or a tourist. You can use the ride sharing portal Go More to find the next lift. Share your ride, save money, help each other in the villages and do the environment a favor.

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