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UpdatedJan 02, 2020
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Starting of the Projonmo Torun Songho, with a great purpose in society and with the greatest resolution of all possible solutions. Full non-political and non-profit human welfare-oriented voluntary social organization

The main aims and objectives of the generation youth organization

Generation Young is a non-profit human and social voluntary organization. One of the main objectives of UN Millennium Development and UN Development of the United Nations, by collaborating with the government through creating ideal examples (roll models) for its educated and skilled youth society to participate in voluntary work for the welfare of the people to overcome the social responsibility. And purpose In the initial stage, according to the capability of specific area-based development and co-operation, the youth will work in the national level, according to adequate capability, opportunity and cooperation, Insha-Allah

Action Plan

Initially, some of the long-term programs and goals will be organized by the founding members of the generation youth organization which will be implemented gradually according to the appropriate time and financial capability. Such as
* Free Medical Campaign
* Free Blood Group Detection
* Free Diabetes Test
* Create a drug free environment
* Child marriage prevention and gender equality achieved
* Cooperate for the helpless poor.
To avoid corruption, irregularities, partisanization and unwanted disorder, this non-voluntary non-voluntary organization will not be allowed to be a direct member, but will be given the opportunity to cooperate as volunteers for various programs through the selection and selection of interested people. Consistent with regard to the roster and co-operation norms of rule discipline, the end of the year of voluntary volunteers will be given as honorary members by organizational rules.

Projonmo Torun Songho will work with each other as a collaborator of the government rather than competing with anyone. Our main consultation, based on a partnership based on partnerships, according to our own expertise and capability to volunteer for local, national, international, social and human development. Congratulations to everyone!

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