Kannada Calendar 2020 Apk

UpdatedDec 16, 2019
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Kannada Calendar 2020 APK is a free app listed in Books & Reference Apps. Download this apk on your android phone to install this app

Kannada Calendar 2020 is a free mobile app that brings to you detailed information about kannada festivals 2020, Holidays, Masa, Vaara, Tariku, Paksham, Karanam, Yogam, Tithi, Nakshatram, Amavasya, Poornima, Rahu kalam, Yamaganda/Yama Ghanta, Gulika/Guli Kalam, etc. Kannada speaking people across the globe can get benefitted by this android app which focuses at bringing to you dates of religious significance. One of the best Kannada Calendar 2020 app, this brings to you -
* Simplicity of use
* Attractive UI design
* Daily, weekly, Monthly and Yearly Horoscope 2020
* Freedom to use without Internet Connection. Download and launch it just once.
* Details of auspicious and inauspicious times.
* Panchangam for the day.
* Comprehensive list of fasts, festivals and holidays 2020 (national and regional)
* Details about Sooryodayam, Sooryaasthamam, Moonrise, and Moonset.
* Accurate and compact descriptions for Tithi, Nakshatra, Choghadiya, Yoga, Karana, Tarabalam, Hora (Day and Night), Chandrabalam, Do ghati Muhurat, Kaala - Rahu kaal, Gulika kaal, Yamagandam, Amrit Kaal, Durmuhurtham, Varjam; Lagna, Paksha and Muhurat
* Panchang specific to your area or country of residence.

Need of Kannada Calendar 2020
Get most accurate information from Kannada Calendar 2020 by downloading ‘Kannada Calendar 2020’ app. You can know about Festivals, Vratam, Rasiphala, Panchang, Nakshatra, Tithi, Thoran, Dur Muhurt, Abhijit Muhurtam, Holidays, Choghadia, Kundali, Muhurta etc. There’s also details about Rahu kalam, Guli Kala, kuilik, yamaganda, yoga, timing and position of Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Amavasya and purnimant, Hunnime, among other information.

A free calendar almanac app for people of Kannada origin that works for you in a language you know well. The calendar has Masa, Tārīkha, Amavase, Poornima, Hunnime, Rahukalam along with a description of auspicious days like amavasya, Rasiphala, Choghadia, Gowri panchangam, Kundali, Muhurtas. Kannada Calendar 2020 gives you a brief description about Sankranthi dates of each month, festivals falling, as well as the regional holidays that you miss out in national calendars.

Why Kannada Calendar 2020?
Panchanga is an age old tool used to calculate the horoscope, identify muhurats, match the kundali, give remedies for problems etc. The power of the mathematical and geometric calculation has been proven by astrologers. Kannada Calendar 2020 is based on such minute calculations that yields accuracy and precision. Though Telugu and Kannada people celebrate new year on the day of Ugadi, there’s a difference in both cultures and religious values. Kannada Calendar 2020 app aims at bringing to you a compact yet effective form of Kannada Calendar 2020 that helps you celebrate festivals specific to your culture.

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