Drink Water app: water tracker & drinking reminder Apk

UpdatedJan 15, 2020
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Drink Water app: water tracker & drinking reminder APK is a free app listed in Health & Fitness Apps. Download this apk on your android phone to install this app

"Drink Water app: water tracker & drinking reminder" tracks your daily water intake and reminds you when it's time to drink water to ensure proper hydration levels. This daily water reminder helps you develop healthy habits via drinking alarms and many other useful features. All for completely free!

Developing your healthy hydration habit will be easier than ever before with our free water app.

You can use this water tracker for weight loss, but there are many more advantages...
Drink more water and:
💧 Stick to your diet
💧 Detox your body
💧 Clear up your skin
💧 Fill up on much-needed minerals and lower stress
💧 Avoid bladder infections
💧 Boost energy
💧 Prevent kidney stones
💧 Increases brain power

Why use "Drink Water app: water tracker & drink water reminder"?
Unlike our competitors, this drink water tracker offers you a variety of reminders, notifications and much more for free. Take advantage of unlimited features without any charge. Doesn't matter if you need water alarm or water calculator, you'll find everything in this app. See below what you can get!

A water calculator in this hydration app will automatically calculate your water intake goal on the basis of your weight, gender, and activity. Your calculated target will also take into account whether you are breastfeeding or pregnant. You can even add other additional lifestyle details to further tailor your water balance target. This daily water reminder is just right for you.

Quickly add a drink using our predefined collection, or create your own customizable cup using a wide range of colors and unique volumes.
The hydration app provides information about the hydration level for different types of drinks. This means that there are different hydration levels for the most popular drinks: aqua, tea, coffee, juice, milk, beer, wine, and strong alcohol.
Choose preferred units: imperial (oz) or metric (ml/dl/cl).

Set your bedtime and rest well without being disturbed by drink water notifications.
Choose your alarm interval to decide how often the app will remind you to drink, or manually set specific dates and time to drink water.
Select your preferred alert mode in just a couple of taps; from silent, through vibration only, to automatic mode. In this water drinking app, you can also snooze alerts easily whenever you need to.

Our water drinking reminder allows you to see your daily/weekly/yearly liquid consumption, and drinking progress with hydration graphs and water intake log.
Review your current and longest streaks, stay motivated, and develop an effective water drinking habit!

Did you know that the weather and climate can affect your hydration needs? You can add this information to make your daily target even more accurate. Unlike other apps, our drink tracker and alarm lets you do it for free!

Drink more water and make the cute octopus happy. The more dehydrated you are, the more thirsty the octopus becomes. Your cute companion will reflect the changes in your hydration levels. Whenever you need a drink, make sure your octopus gets one too!

A better water drinking habit means a better, healthier life! This water drinking app is everything you need to stay healthy.

If you see anything we can improve in our water drinking reminder, please let us know! New reviews and support emails are really helpful for making this free water app better and smarter! Contact us at [email protected] :)

May the aqua be with you!

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